Hand Signals for stage use.

Bass guitar pics.

Lyrica 2.0, a web slideshow tool for IE. Includes creation tools.
If you want to use it, extract the zip to a local directory on your presentation machine. Open lyrica.htm, click the 'Fill Lists' button. Add files to your show and save it using the 'Save' button. When you're ready to run the show, open that new file and hit F11 to set IE in full-screen mode. If you need to make changes to the show, right-click the mouse to drop down the toolbar. Any questions? Ask me at
This does not give you any rights to use copyrighted material, such as song lyrics included for demonstration purposes in this archive. All images and fonts have been obtained from public domain sources. The Lyrica files (toolbar.htm, toolbar.js, and all CSS files) are made available to you under the GPL.