Total Commitment

Bob Brewer's Newsletter of Life and Ministry with AMOR MINISTRIES
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Last August, the staff of Covenant Presbyterian Church here in San Diego asked me to write a play for Christmas. After two months of writing (and almost complete rewriting), we began rehearsals for Magnificat in early November. I co-produced it with Marlin Van Nortwick of CPC, who also directed. I then worked as stage manager, set designer, and lighting designer. Nothing like a small production to give you lots of hats to wear.

In the play, Renee (who's just old enough to be pregnant) arrives to live with her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Frank. After losing her own child through an injury, she comes to believe that she is Mary, and that a nativity doll is Jesus, her son. Through the efforts and prayers of Frank and Sarah, she finally comes to her senses, but not before exhausting the Mary narrative and giving us a glimpse of Mary's trials and the true meaning of Christmas.

I of course want to take this opportunity to thank CPC for their support, and their boldness, in bringing the Gospel to their community. A week before the show, we canvassed a local parade with ads. Quite a few people on the street were much more interested in coming to a "church play" once we told them it was a mature work--not for children. And we saw many of those same people on closing night. We hope it is one small step in growing this church.


It seems all I do is type anymore here at AMOR. The teams are starting to understand just what a good software package can do for them, and keep asking for more. :) And, because of budget constraints, it looks like we're going to continue relying on my ability to write software in-house for quite a while. But, hey, I like doing it!

Okay, that's not all. Just this Tuesday, I spent a day in the field checking houses for Spring. I got to talk with pastors I hadn't seen in two years! I can only assume I'll be spending some time on worksites again this Spring. We already have 5800+ people booked for February and March in Baja.


I've been recently considering going back to school. I feel as if I'm at a real inflection point on the AMOR growth curve, and need to get some more training soon to keep up. I'm just not sure exactly which direction to go in. Perhaps you could pray a bit about that? For direction, for the means, and for the future of AMOR and specifically my future. My current job is coming close to being too much for one person--but it's hard to find someone who will work to raise $25,000/year when they could easily make $60K and up in "the real world".

Gift Maniac

Through your support, I finally became officially debt-free in September. So I'm taking exactly one year off of (serious) financial commitment as a sort of Jubilee year. It has already allowed me to help out a friend who was about to lose his house. I bought a sofa for my office, and replaced the desk with a coffee-table ($30 at the thrift-store; hey, some of it's your support). And the only reason I named myself as a producer for the play was the amount of my own money I put into it. It was one of those zero-budget shows that we wanted to look good anyway.

It's kind of fun to be on the financial giving end once in a while. If you'd like to be a Gift Maniac, too, you can still send your financial support to:

1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego, CA 92173

Or, you can just send me a letter; better yet, an email. My eddress is I look forward to hearing from you. Please continue to pray for me and for AMOR MINISTRIES, building hope in Mexico and around the world.


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