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That's Japanese for "thirty-year-old", which I will become in January (it's also the name of a Japanese comedy film :). Hard to believe, isn't it? I've now been working at AMOR for nine years!!

A lot (okay, all) of my job has changed since then. I'm pouring concrete this Saturday with a group from North Orange Christian Church; it's probably the last time I'll do that this year. But I don't mind: I'm hardly underworked. The past couple of months have certainly seen my Inbox fill faster than my Outbox has emptied.

Due to some recent staff changes, I've been doing some of the accounting for a couple months: posting checks, mostly. That's in addition to my "regular" duties as the Computer Man. And those duties keep piling up. But don't worry--the rumor is that an assistant for me is going to get higher priority soon (maybe even some of the budget ;).

Scan Jury

I know--that's not a very clear subtitle. What it means is that I've spent the last couple of months helping to plan how to spend some money that's freeing up in our capital budget. One of the items we (the jury) decided to buy today is a very nice document scanner. It's got a CD burner built in! This will save us countless hours at the photocopier (not to mention a few trees). It's also networkable. We'll use it to scan contracts, for example, and have those (electronic) documents available online for our Scheduling Coordinators when they meet work groups at the border. Cool stuff; almost a "new era" at AMOR.

I'm also going to get a PocketPC (a handheld computer) soon, as a prototype of what we want to give our staff in the Field. They should be able to synchronize data wirelessly with a computer at Camp each night. That desktop computer at Camp will be in communication with our HQ network via the Internet. Yup, that's right--we're finally moving our Operations onto the Internet, and saving thousands by cutting down on our long-distance bills to remote offices.

Speaking of moving into the 21st century, if you didn't yet get notice with a receipt letter, we now have the ability to take credit cards or automatic checking for your contributions. If you'd like to sign up for automatic payment (and save yourself the monthly reminder headache), just let me know--I'll send you the information post-haste.

San Diego

I've also attended the same church for quite some time. Which is nice. We run a teen outreach at Covenant Presbyterian Church called "Soul Jam". We've had to retool it a bit recently; we used to try to have live bands playing in this church-basement coffeehouse every week, but now have them only once a month. On the other days, we rotate between karaoke, game nights, and sports like floor hockey. We also have been attempting to get the "core group" of teens more involved in the management of the program: running the kitchen, setting up sound equipment, and getting the word out to local high schools and other teen venues. Whether these changes have improved our witness is yet to be determined.

"San Diego" is also the name of the local state university. I finally had that conversation with the management here, and it looks like I will go back to school within a year or so. The consensus was that I should try to get the training I need in order to someday be the manager of a larger Information Systems staff at AMOR! So, I've been checking out SDSU, which has the ninth largest Business school in the U.S., learning about their MBA in IS program. Thanks for all your prayers on this matter. I'll keep you posted as I find out more.


Some of you may have known (or guessed) that I sing in our church Praise Band: Sunday mornings, mostly. Could you have guessed that I would pick up the bass guitar to boot? :P I've really been having a lot of fun with it, and am alternating singing and ... um ... "bassing" every week with our current bass player. It's been a blast.

Wow. [Give me a sec--sentimental moment coming up:] I can't tell you how much I'd enjoy doing those Church-type things in your church. I miss Parkland and North Orange CC's a lot sometimes. I'll be in Tacoma/Seattle around Christmas again. I'll be in Orange County (briefly) in November*, and again for Missions month in January. Don't worry, San Diegans, I'll be there every week at Covenant Pres. :) To all of you: Thanks for all of your committment and support for so long. May God bless your ministries as much as he has mine. My work address, as always, is:

1664 Precision Park Lane
San Diego, CA 92173

If you would like to receive future newsletters via email, just drop me a note and I'll add you to that list.

* ...on my way to another BattleBots in Vegas with Team Delta. If you haven't seen the show yet, it's still running on Comedy Central.