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Bob Brewer's Newsletter of Life and Ministry with Amor Ministries
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First Class

Have I made it clear enough that Amor Ministries is a GREAT place to work? Honestly, I can't think of a more caring group of people. Now, they've gone and sent me to a very first-class class: the Dale Carnegie Course.

That was easy. Explaining to you what the Dale Carnegie Course actually is will be a bit harder. You can read about the course in detail, by the way, at their website: In a nutshell, the course gives you the opportunity to improve yourself in such areas as public speaking, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills. The volume of training in this 12-week course is so large, everyone is able to find something worth pursuing, worth challenging themselves over. And, unlike a one-day seminar, the 12 weeks allow our group of classmates to help keep each other accountable to real change: stepping outside our comfort zones and improving our relationships.

I'm taking this class with another member of our staff. We are learning a lot for ourselves, but equally important is our opportunity to select various aspects of the class and bring them to our staff as a whole. We have already shared memorization techniques and tools to remember names in our weekly staff meetings. We praise God that He has given us a work environment where holiness and servanthood are eagerly desired!

Second Class

Last Summer, I started the Semi-Spontaneous Shakespeare Society. I learned a LOT about running an artistic enterprise, and I'm ready to "attend another class" in the school of hard knocks; I am hereby officially continuing the work of the Society here in San Diego. We will take nine Shakespeare plays this Summer and perform them, again in Balboa Park, taking any actor who happens to walk by and want a part!

You can read about the format, schedule, and opportunities for you (yes, you!) at my new website: This will be a bigger production than last year (nine shows instead of four), so I will need lots of people to work as one-time Directors, Stage Managers, Property Masters, and House Managers. I also need people to come by and act! Feel free! And finally, I need to secure a few donors--mostly to cover the costs of printing scripts and renting the space; I expect each show to cost about $500. If you would like to help me with this, please visit the donation section at the semishake website.

Third Class

Well, folks, here it is only January and already I'm taking vacation days! But I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with a fine group of people who lovingly craft robotic works-of-art and then make them attack each other for fun and profit. I'm talking, of course, about Robot Wars (, to be held in no less a place than London, England. Best of all, Mentorn, the production company, is picking up the tab for travel and accomodations (even if it isn't first class ;)! Some 30 U.S. builders will meet in New York at the end of January, and we'll all fly over the pond together.

I will be working with the experienced team of TSR (Top Secret Robotics); namely, Douan and Tonya Bingham from North Carolina. You can see pictures of some of their creations at their website: Thanks to Dan Danknick for finding me the opportunity! Wish us luck (and if you want to pray for my safety, that would be fine, too ;)!

Fourth Class

Even though I enjoy sending this newsletter by e-mail, I still appreciate all the mail you send back to me in "snail mail" (including my support!). If you would like to drop me a line and tell me about your recent events, I'd be ecstatic! You can also chat with me in real time on the Internet via Yahoo Instant Messenger; my screen name is "aminusfu".

Sometimes I feel like a "fourth class" missionary, when I realize it's been six months between newsletters. :( I'm making a commitment this year, however, to send you a short update like this once a month. Feel free to keep me accountable to this! I can't tell you how meaningful your support has been over the years. This letter is full of "fun" things I'm doing this month, but rest assured the work I do day to day at Amor is continuing, even increasing! Please pray that I continue to be as faithful in my dedication as you have been, and that God might grant me the continuing passion and energy to make the churches in Mexico strong. God bless you all.

My work address, as always, is:

Amor Ministries
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If you would like to receive future newsletters via email, just drop me a note and I'll add you to that list.