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Quick-Release Spring

Spring Break is upon us once again at Amor. We've been growing each year now since forever, and this year is no exception. The biggest difference is, of course, that Easter Sunday is so early this year. We've had to push up our usual preparation schedules quite a bit. Feel free to pray for our staff and their nerves. :)

Everybody chips in during the big weeks of Spring, doing lots of things which are not in our routine. One thing I've done this week is create maps to our camps in Baja California. This is especially important this year, since we will, at times, be using three camps at once. If you're online, you can see a sample of the maps at (PDF, 907KB).

I will also be working in the field for a couple of weeks, supervising house construction. There is always a need for more staff. If you know anyone that's interested and capable, would you mind sending them our way? ;) We expect to keep growing, especially in our connections with Young Life, and our increasing efforts to raise funds outside of Mission Trip fees. Please pray that the efforts of our Development Team will be rewarded.

Quill for a Job Well Done

I've officially finished the Dale Carnegie Course. You may recall my difficulty in describing it to you before; well, it's not any easier to describe now. We all learned a great deal about ourselves and our ability to be leaders in whatever we do. I actually won an award (a very nice pen) for Outstanding Performance in an Inspirational Speech (it was about Amor, of course)! I highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to push themselves to "the next level" in personal and professional achievement.

Queen's Robot Combat

London was wonderful, naturally. I spent 10 days there while filming Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, working on a fighting robot team from North Carolina called "Top Secret Robotics". Our robot was named "Rocky Bot-boa", and we hammed up the part for the cameras: our team captain, Douan Bingham, did interviews with the mouthguard and taped hands, and Mike Adkins and I (our pit crew) played his "trainers". Plenty of long days of shooting, but a lot of fun!

Look for the series to run on TNN sometime soon. Nickelodeon was also there filming. I can't tell you *officially* how well we did, so I'll just say we did well. Very well. After the fights for our "episode" were done, there was a final championship ladder, and then some tag-team fights with Douan's wife, Tonya, and her robot, "Black Widow".

I did get one full day off in London. I spent quite a bit of time at the Tower of London, toured the New Old Globe Theater, and finished with a magnificent meal in Chinatown. Since Mentorn, the production company, footed the bill for the rest of the trip, it was a great way to see London for a day!

Quiet on the Set

Things may be quiet "on the set" for my production company, The Semi-Spontaneous Shakespeare Society, but they are certainly not quiet behind the scenes. I now have a board of directors and we are working hard to complete all the work to become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are beginning to talk to local technical theatre groups, getting people interested in taking crew positions for this coming Summer. You can find our schedule of shows at

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