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Bob Brewer's Newsletter of Life and Ministry with Amor Ministries
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New Neck of the Woods

Ever work with electronic equipment? Lots of it?. It can get pretty warm. For this reason (and lots of others), we moved our network rack and servers, my office, and my assistant's office into one room earlier this month. We now have our own dedicated A/C, and have moved away from the front wall of the building, which gets quite hot on sunny days (which are common in San Diego ;). We also have our own electrical circuits, so they don't get overloaded by someone else's equipment in the building. The move meant a very long weekend of running new network cable to several of the desks in our office, but in all, it was worth it.

Out on a Limb

Summer is here, and with it the 2nd season of my new production company, The Semi-Spontaneous Shakespeare Society. We stage free performances of Shakespeare's works in Balboa Park on Saturday afternoons, and have everything ready for passers-by to step up and take parts! It's a lot of fun. We've already done Henry V and Julius Caesar. The next show will be Comedy of Errors on July 13th. You can find a complete schedule on our website, Please feel free to come by and participate if you're in the area this Summer.

You may remember me telling you last time that we were working on incorporation; that process is now complete! Our four-member board of directors is steering the company far better than I could have alone. However, it's still my personal budget that is floating the company for the moment. We have a grand total of $150 so far in membership fees. Don't worry, I'm not going into debt over this yet. It's just moving a bit slower than I had anticipated. If you know anyone that might be interested in becoming a member, let me know!

Finally, I have learned quite a bit about running a business through all this. I can't help thinking God has a purpose for this; something more noble than perpetuating Shakespeare! If you, too, think I should know what that is, please ask God to tell me. "Prayers of the righteous" and all that.

Branching Out

Sigh. I'm no longer lord of all I survey in the programming world. We have decided to move to a new accounting and fundraising software package (to the tune of about $100,000). This will be a great benefit to the ministry--our goal is to stop double-entering our accounting data; we currently enter data once into the "programs" database, and then again into the accounting database. It just means a lot of work for me in the next two or three months. There are operating systems to upgrade, data to migrate, new software to install, and a good bit of rewriting my own code to interface with the new package. And let's not forget training our staff on the new system. :) It should all be done by October.

Short End of the Stick

There is much more going on every day in my life. Wish I had room to tell you all of it; and I'd like to hear some of yours! Drop me an email or letter if you like. Please pray for my new business and its funding, and also for Amor's continued growth. We still need more staff, as always. We might break 20,000 participants this year. Pray also for the Big Software Move; patience wears thinner the closer one gets to a computer, I've found. God Bless and keep doing your all for Him.

My work address, as always, is:

Amor Ministries
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