Jump School

Jump. Hang. Slide. Fall.
If I turn just right,
The Earth moves above me
And the plane falls away.
So much air I could suffocate.
Scramble for the cord, but
My instructor said to wait.
The seconds fly slower than I.
Having such a nice time
I think I'm going to be sick.

Jump late; I can't recall
If it was too early?
The Earth's marked below me
With a national border.
The little birds in this airy dome
Ask which will he aim for,
Friendly Switzerland or Rome?
But Men weren't blessed with wings;
No chance to navigate
I'm only aiming for the ground.

Pump up, summon all
The gravity I can,
Pull the Earth toward me.
Once I land I can decide
How to proceed; wait for the
National Guard to find me,
Interrogate me, kick me out.
Then I'll be free to go
Home, put my shaky feet up,
And plan my next jump.