Amor Ministries

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San Diego, CA 92173
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Remote Access to The Raiser's Edge 7 and The Financial Edge 7 via OpenSSH

Exim 3 as a spam-blocking mail hub for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000


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Amor Ministries works 365 days a year to provide homes to the poor in Mexico. Currently, we work in Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito, Puerto Peņasco, Ciudad Juarez, and Cancun. We build the homes through the volunteer labor of church groups from all over the United States, Canada, and even Australia; their Mission Trip Fees help offset the cost of materials. We are directly accountable to a board of Mexican pastors in each field.

I have worked at Amor Ministries since the Fall of 1993, having spent the previous two summers as an intern from Pacific Christian College. I spent the first year working in the field in El Paso, Texas, three years in the field in San Diego, California, and am now working as the Manager of Information Systems here in San Diego. My knowledge of the business from "the ground floor" has helped me assemble computer systems and write specialized software for our unique business.